Plant Hormones

Plant Hormones are also termed as Phytohormones are signal molecules that regulate Plant processes produced within the plants that occur in extremely low concentration. It controls all aspects of growth and development from the embryogenesis. The regulations of organ size, pathogen defence, stress tolerance through to reproductive development. Each plant hormone is capable of producing the hormone. Plant hormones are also used in human use and salicylic acid and Jasmonic acid has been widely used in Pharmaceuticals Company.

There are so many plant hormones but the major plant hormones are five Hormones which includes Auxin, Cytokinin, Ethylene, Abscisic and Gibberellin. These hormones have different functions. Auxin promotes cell elongation; Cytokinin stimulates bud elongation in tissue culture; Ethylene leads to release in dormancy state and stimulates shoot and root growth along with differentiation; Abscisic acid stimulates closing of stomata and inhibit shoot growth and; Gibberellin present in meristems of apical buds and roots and embryo stimulates stem elongation and leads to the development of seedless fruit and delays senescence in leaves and citrus fruits.

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